The goal is first to center dancers to place the body in space in a way that is aligned, and then to sequence exercises in a progression that will assist in forging and distilling ways to enrich movement and body awareness. The class clearly embraces the musicality and specificity that is the hallmark of the work of Balanchine and Stanley Williams. The purpose of class is to give participants an experiential learning opportunity that offers a creative combination of both traditional and alternative teaching techniques. It is an exploration employing and integrating aspects of various systems that are inspired by practices from Qi Gong, Gyrotonics, and various styles of yoga. The methods of weaving these other practices into most of the exercises can help to access a more dimensional sense of self in space. Methods: The class is introduced more as a laboratory where we as dancers are the experiment. I create an entry point in which the dancer is not asked to be perfect, but curious. A workshop atmosphere is then generated and is enlivened by giving the permission and freedom to be taking risks in movement.