2017 Holiday Classes Added!

Holiday Classes at Velocity!
 1621 12th Avenue, Capitol Hill Seattle 98122

New students, please inquire for participation via e-mail to stephaniesaland@yahoo.com

Pre and Post Christmas classes open $25 per lesson/ private lessons available as well

December 21 and 22 in The Steward Studio from 10-11:30

December 26,28 and 29 in Kawasaki at 10 AM-11:30 with option for private coaching from 11:30-noon

December 27th NOON-2 PM in Kawasaki

Level:intermediate/advanced students and dancers welcome

Stephanie teaches freelance and instruction is available for workshops and intensives as well as personal consultations, coaching and mentoring.
Please place inquiries and requests for dates and duration at stephaniesaland@yahoo.com   
  Description: Stephanie is a former principal dancer from the NYC Ballet. The classes revisit the ballet vocabulary in an ever changing, playful and porous investigation. We create tasks and use unique images that help to understand anatomy. The lessons evolve around rich spatial and textural approaches and tools, Encouraging curiosity, and exploring risk is factored in. Sequences are patterned structurally and musically to awaken and maintain a taste for lush and precise articulation. Many of the exercises are woven with the inventive work of Eva Nemeth, as well as other aspects from Qi Gong, Body Balancing and Gyrotonics.These influences play out quickly. Shifts and expansion are palpable. Focus and intention are honed.

For the curiousA testimonial: “Stephanie helps me understand body-mechanics as relational. In her class, I start to move and think as a fully functioning person, rather than as an assembly of clutched parts and disembodied levers.  She is equally attuned to the mental and physical artistry of dance, and deliberately creates a potent exploratory teaching space, open to every person’s introspective disclosures.  I not only feel permitted to act from my inner motivations in her class, but more importantly, I feel safe to attend to the questions and curiosities that come up for me.

A poem and wonderful quotes to share  


You are the future, the immense morning sky

turning red over the prairies of eternity.

You are the rooster-crow after the night of time,

the dew, the early devotions, and the Daughter,

the Guest, the Ancient Mother, and Death.


You are the shape that changes its own shape,

that climbs out of fate, towering,

that which is never shouted for, and never mourned for,

and no more explored than a savage wood.


You are the meaning deepest inside things,

that never reveals the secret of its owner.

And how you look depends on where we are:

from a boat you are shore, from the shore a boat.


~ Rainer Maria Rilke



Lawrence LeShan in The Seeker’s Guide by Elizabeth Lesser

” Don’t worry about what the world wants from you, worry about what makes you come more alive. Because what the world really needs are people who are more alive. Your real job is to increase the color and zest of your life.”


Willem de Kooning

“I’m in my element when I am a little bit out of this world: then I’m in the real world — I’m on the beam. Because when I’m falling, I’m doing alright; when I’m slipping, I say, “Hey, this is interesting!” It’s when I’m standing upright that bothers me: I’m not doing so good; I’m stiff. As a matter of fact, I’m really slipping most of the time, into that glimpse. I’m like a slipping glimpser.”

                  From Rumi:          

“The body is a device to calculate the astronomy of the spirit.Look throught that astrolabe and become oceanic.”